Libraries play a vital role in fostering a love for learning, providing access to information, and bringing communities together. In Houston County, Georgia, residents are fortunate to have a network of public libraries that cater to their intellectual and recreational needs. In this blog post, we’ll explore each library in Houston County, highlighting their unique features and the services they offer. Let’s embark on a journey to discover these vibrant hubs of knowledge and community engagement.


Houston County Public Library – Centerville Branch

Located at 206 Gunn Road, the Centerville Branch of the Houston County Public Library system offers a welcoming and enriching environment for readers of all ages. The library houses a diverse collection of books, e-books, audiobooks, and magazines. Visitors can also access public computers, Wi-Fi, and participate in engaging programs and events for children, teens, and adults. Interesting fact: The Centerville Branch regularly hosts author talks and book signings, providing opportunities to connect with local literary talent.



Houston County Public Library – Nola Brantley Memorial Library

Situated at 721 Watson Boulevard in Warner Robins, the Nola Brantley Memorial Library is a community gem known for its commitment to promoting literacy and lifelong learning. Patrons can explore an extensive collection of books and multimedia resources, as well as take advantage of computer workstations and Wi-Fi access. The library offers various programs, including storytimes for children and book clubs for adults. Interesting fact: The Nola Brantley Memorial Library hosts a popular annual book sale that draws book enthusiasts from across the county.



Houston County Public Library – Perry Branch

Nestled at 1201 Washington Street, the Perry Branch of the Houston County Public Library system serves as a hub for education, entertainment, and community engagement. Alongside its collection of books and media, the library offers computer access, Wi-Fi, and meeting spaces for community use. Exciting programs for all ages, such as STEM activities, crafting workshops, and author presentations, are regularly held at this branch. Interesting fact: The Perry Branch is known for its beautiful outdoor garden, providing a tranquil space for visitors to relax and enjoy nature.



Houston County’s public libraries are more than just buildings filled with books. They are vibrant community spaces that foster intellectual growth, provide resources for all ages, and serve as gathering places for residents to connect and learn together. Whether you visit the Centerville Branch, Nola Brantley Memorial Library, or Perry Branch, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge, engaging programs, and friendly staff ready to assist you on your literary journey. So, embrace the joy of reading, explore the vast collection of resources, and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Houston County libraries.